Tips For Becoming A Certified EKG Technician

EKG technicians are the medical professionals who are responsible for carrying out the process of electrocardiogram in patients with the help of ECG machines. The demand for these professionals is growing rapidly and is expected to grow more that 25% in the upcoming years.


However, becoming an EKG technician is not a difficult task. It can be accomplished through by following the two steps mentioned below.

Step 1- Training- Proper training is the first step. For this, you need to find a reputed EKG certification training school in NY. The training is important for a successful career, as it will provide you the required knowledge of this field.

The training program covers all the related topics related to EKG such as electrocardiography, ultrasound cardiography, heart structure, & functionality, job responsibilities of an EKG technician, Holter monitor and more.

You also learn the right way of operating the ECG machines and the way of performing electrocardiogram on patients. Training to maintain, clean, and store the ECG machine is also included in this program.

Step 2- Certification- After the completion of the training, a student needs to appear for the National Healthcareer Association’s (NHA) certified EKG technician (CET) examination. This is the next step towards a successful EKG technician career. You can take the credentials that are required to perform the Holter monitoring and stress testing with CET. You can get the results in two days and within two weeks you can get your printed certificate.

The aforementioned are the two steps that can help you in becoming a certified EKG technician who is trained and ready to handle the job duties in healthcare facilities. Whether you want a full time employment or a part time job, a proper training followed by certification is very important.



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